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2024 Season

Welcome to HADTL Website. The 2024 season will start at the end of April. We have 5 Mens Divsions and 3 Ladies divisions this year. Mens matches start on 23rd April (some Divisions) and Ladies on 29th April.

Please note The Match Secretary email for any queries about matches is:

Our AGM was held in November 2023, proposed changes to our rules which were agreed were as follows:

Rule 3 – Match Start Time  – Amendment of rule to say “Players not commencing match play by 6.45pm concede 1 set, by 7.15pm one rubber (ie 2 sets), and a further set for every 30 minutes thereafter.”

Rule 7 Scorecards & Playwaze

7(a)- Amendment to wording: ‘Scorecards are to be submitted by the winning team or the home team (in the event of a draw) within 7 days of the completion of the match. Scorecards can be scanned and e-mailed to the match secretary or they can be posted on the WhatsApp group, however, doing so does not relieve team captains of the responsibility of uploading the scorecard to Playwaze within 7 days of the completion of the match.   Failure to submit a card may result in the forfeiture of points. 

7 (d) – Amendment to wording:  ‘Recording the pairings and scores in Playwaze within seven days of the completion of the match is mandatory. Pairings should be recorded with both Forename and Surname.’ 

Rule 9 Nominated Players – new rule 9(c):“any proposed new players joining a team for the last 3 matches of that league must be submitted to the Match Secretary for prior approval”.

Rule 14 – Suppers:  Reinstatement of suppers for the men’s league only. 

Rule 15 (c) – Amendment to wording from ‘Players must have played 5 matches’ to ‘Players must have played at least one third of the matches’.

Division Structure 2024 – The composition for the league, and the number of teams in each division, are at the discretion of the Committee after receiving entry submissions from each club plus any new entrants